Eddm Services

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Design, Printed & Mailed all under one roof

  • Our customers love that we are truly a one stop shop and fulfill all of their print and direct mail marketing campaigns from start to finish.

  • FBS has been involved with EDDM since its introduction in 2011. We have extensive knowledge of the program and have mailed millions of pieces nationwide. Our program provides an outstanding return on your investment, and is easy to cost justify. Do you want more customers? Let FBS help you!

  • Menus are also one the most effective direct mail pieces for restaurants. Mailing menus has helped double and even triple the sales for some of our customer’s. We print and mail millions of menus every year and know exactly what you need to be successful.


We offer 3 level of services:


Level 1: FBS handles design & Print Only:

  • We design your printing material

  • Send you the EDDM printed material.

  • You register for an account on USPS EDDM website.

  • You do all of the above mentioned in option 1 on your own.

  • In essence you are simply ordering a properly EDDM formatted print job from


Level 2: FBS handles printing, paperwork & bundling:

  • Designing for Piece

  • Printing Your Piece

  • Working with you closely to help you select the carrier routes you want to target.

  • Bundling the pieces in the required stacks.

  • Printing out and organize the facing slips and postal documents needed to present at the local branch.

  • Boxing and organizing the appropriate number of bundles with the right paperwork.

  • Identify which local post office each box/carrier route you need to deliver these pieces to.

  • Ship you the boxes to be taken to the post office any time you desire.

  • You pay FBS for the Printing and Paperwork/Bundling Services, then each time you go to the post office you pay them the postage for what you are mailing for the EDDM rate.


Level 3: FBS handles from designing to customers mailbox

  • We take care of all the above in level 2 and mail it to your customers mailbox. You just have to Sit back and reap the rewards!